Hand Made Luxury Decorations

Are these the finest handmade Christmas tree decorations in the UK available to buy online? We will let you decide but if you were to ask any of the Christmas tree decorators at Deliver me a Christmas tree the answer is ‘yes’. Their enthusiastic reaction to these handmade gems when they arrived at Deliver me a Christmas tree HQ in Kent is the reason why Deliver me a Christmas tree have decided to dress more corporate and residential decorated Christmas trees with this wonderful new stock. 

Each handmade Christmas tree decoration is painted by highly prized Kashmiri artisans. The beaded embroidery is sewn by the local Rajasthan ladies in their homes, many of whom are forbidden to work outside. Our supplier pays a fair price to reflect the complexity of the designs and ensures that the artisans receive an above average wage and excellent working conditions. A percentage of the profits goes back into the local community and any unwanted samples are donated to the Hope Foundation Christmas Fair to raise money for the street children of Calcutta. 

The luxury Christmas tree decorations are available to buy online in sets. Choose from Red and Gold, Glamorous Gold, Skandi and Frosted Ice sets. Shapes include traditional hand painted baubles, bells, stars, hearts and of course, Christmas trees. If you already have your own decorations the sets of 60 will be enough to add to your collection. If you are starting from scratch we suggest you purchase the larger sets of 120.

Margins have been kept as low as possible. Individually handmade Christmas tree decorations of this high quality retail between £4.99 and £12.99 each on the high street. Deliver me a Christmas tree have worked hard with their suppliers to keep the average cost per decoration to below £3.33 each without jeopardising both parties fair trade ethics.