Thank you for viewing the Deliver me a Christmas tree 2014 wholesale Christmas tree price list. All customers are given the highest quality trees and level of service regardless of volume or status. This season Jeremy visited some of the finest growers in Scandinavia and sourced only the best Nordmanns in Europe. Jeremy met with Danish and Swedish growers in August to personally tag the Christmas trees. For more information please call 01732 522471 Mon-Sun 0800hrs-2100hrs. 

2014 Wholesale Real Christmas tree prices

Please note

* Prices are ex VAT and delivery.

* Measurements are in cm. Christmas trees are sized from the bottom of the butt to the leader of a maximum of 30cm in line with BCTGA guidelines for trees up to 200cm. Christmas trees above this height will have a leader in proportion to the size of the tree. 

* Deliver me a Christmas tree accept BACS payments only. Deliver me a Christmas tree do not accept cash or credit cards for wholesale Christmas tree orders. 

* Deliver me a Christmas tree do not offer credit to new customers. Orders must be confirmed and paid for by no later than 15th November. If payment has not been received by 15th November the order will be cancelled. 

*Christmas trees will arrive on pallets and are delivered on an arctic lorry. A forklift will be required to unload the arctic lorry. If you do not have a forklift please make sure that you have staff on site to break the pallet(s) and handball the Christmas trees from the arctic lorry. The driver can only wait for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

*Deliver me a Christmas tree advice all new customers to be conservative with their first order. 

Good luck this season!

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