Christmas Tree Lights

On 22nd December, 1882 Edward H. Johnson, a colleague of inventor Thomas Edison proudly displayed 80 red, white and blue walnut sized incandescent light bulbs on a real Christmas tree at his home on Fifth Avenue in New York. Seen as a publicity stunt by the local press it was not until the story was published by a Detroit newspaper that Johnson gained the recognition he deserved and is still regarded as the Father of Christmas Tree Lights.

Technology has moved on since 1882 and Deliver me a Christmas tree now only stock quality LED Christmas tree Fairy Lights. Incandescent Christmas tree fairy lights (if one bulb blows the whole string goes!) were fazed out in 2005. LEDS save energy, emit less heat and if one bulb blows the rest of the string will remain illuminated. Each string of real LED Christmas tree fairy lights are rated for up to 50,000 hours and have 8 functions including static, slow fade and chasing. They are energy saving Christmas tree lights and represent excellent value. Delivery to the United Kingdom only. 

Sets of 120 LEDS (warm-white, white, multi-coloured, blue, red, gold, green and pink), 240 LEDS (warm-white, white, multi-coloured, blue) and 360 LEDS (warm-white, white and multi-coloured) are available to buy online this season.